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Don't receive Family invitation

Don't receive Family invitation

Last weekend three times a invitation was sent to me for Spotify Family.

I didn't receive any emails (also not in the SPAM box). Is there any other way to accept the invitation?


At the moment I have a Spotify Free account (Facebook).

Thanks in advance for the help!

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1. Double check to ensure the sender types your email address right. The email address should be the one you are using to log in to Facebook.

2. What email are you using? Domain emails like Gmail or Yahoo shouldn't have any problems receiving emails like this.

Hi Zeroxxx,


Thanks for trying to help me out.


The email address the sender used is correct we already checked it twice. It is the same address I use to logon to Facebook, so that shouldn't be the problem.


My email is a hotmail account.


I'm not aware of any other problems with my email account so it seems that i only have problems receiving the Spotify messages.








I experience the same problem. Have you been able to solve your problem yet?



I have exactly the same problem what did you guys do to fix it?

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