Don’t recommend stuff I’ve removed from history


Don’t recommend stuff I’ve removed from history

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When I log in on my device I now see recommendations on stuff I’ve deliberately deleted from my history after listening.

This happened months ago.

Now, it popped up on my Homepage as it being my top-podcasts. I listened once, and it’s far from that.

Problem is, it’s using quite a provocative cover and I have a little kid who sometimes plays his songs on my device.

Even the maturity filter won’t filter this out.

Things that got removed from history, got removed for a reason. Doesn’t it make sense to leave out that content when updating someone’s profile?

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Re: Don’t recommend stuff I’ve removed from history


Hey @YourPCGuy.


Thanks for reaching out to us about this!

Could you first provide us with a bit more info:

  • What device is this happening on?
  • How are you trying to remove this content from your history?

Once we have these details, we'll be able to take a closer look.


Thanks! We'll be looking out for your reply so we can help you resolve this.

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Re: Don’t recommend stuff I’ve removed from history

Casual Listener

Hi Peter,


It's happening on an iPhone 8Plus with latest iOS and Spotify.

I've removed this content from my history in the previous version of the Spotify app, which had the ability to go to history and swipe left (and thus removing) for tracks, playlists or albums you've listened to.

I tried to find that same feature in the current version of the app, but it seems that this has been removed. However, I did find it in the MacOS-app. Problem is, that it seems to more or less hide it on that system instead of actually removing history from my account.

I suspect that, because when I play something on my phone, I can remove it with the MacOS app, however, when I close the app on my phone, re-open it, it's still there and it stays there.

I think it would be nice to give users like me a feature which lets them control what's in their 'datapool' for recommendations. Aside from my situation with maturityfiltering and stuff, there is always this one friend trying to get you to listen to his music, which you may give a chance once or twice, but you still hate it. Not being able to clean this up, may clutter your recommendations and may sometimes even prevent music you does like from reaching you.