Double Charge on Credit Card - Premium Subscriber

Double Charge on Credit Card - Premium Subscriber

First of all, this is a very unsatisfactory way for a customer to resolve billing questions.  We entrust Spotify with our credit card information giving them access to our money and we then have to wait on them to work their way through a chat room to explain why they took too much of our money.  The service is good, but not good enough to take financial risk on - even if it is only $10 a month.

I have followed the "help" which only angers me more because I can not get a straight answer on how to resolve my problem.  By the way, your online billing statement is completely incorrect since my CC company tells me I've been double charged but Spotify's statement reflects only one charge.  If I have no response on this matter by December 3, I will cancel my subscription.

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Este mes me cobraron 3 veces, una el Premium normal y otras 2 veces $99 indebidos.

Donde reclamo?

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