Double payment?


Double payment?

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I unsubscribed my Spotify Account whan I had until march25th left. Then I Resubscribed and Spotify took another monthly 99SEK from my account. I'm counting on that I won't have to pay double even thou I unsubscribed. Has anyone else seen this problem?

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Re: Double payment?

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problem solved.. I saw that next payment is april 25th.

Help me? I think I'm paying for my AND a friend's subscription.


I think my payment info is registered on both MY Account (kukenpeisen/g********** which sadly I only got Unlimited on nowadays, and one Premium Subscription (made_in_trondheim 's account) I lend him my card number so he could register an premium trial on his account for a little while ago because he doesn't have any Visa or Master Card etc. And I think he had to register payment information to be able to get 30 Day's free. Or I got hustled, anyway,  Is it possible for you guy's to just remove MY payment information from his account, since I can't find any way to deactivate any auto-payments from my online bank services.. And, he is in jail now anyway so he won't use Spotify for a pretty long time ;s. Not that it matters tho. And if you can't help me, please at least point me in some direction to solve it myself. Feel free to ask questions if you need to be 100% sure that I'm the owner of the VISA card I registered on the accounts etc. 

Re: Help me? I think I'm paying for my AND a friend's subscription.


TheKula - For any payments related query, please contact our payments team. Just head to 'About us' above, then 'Contact Form'. They'll get back to you as soon as they can.


I've also just removed that email address from your post. We really wouldn't suggest posting personal info on a public forum.


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