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Downgrade from Premium to Free


Downgrade from Premium to Free

After a few months of enjoying Premium...I need to downgrade to Ad-Sponsored Free account. I looked into my online account settings, but it only seems to allow me to downgrade to Unlimited, not Free as I wish. Can you do it for me? Thank you. User: dahveedgr
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I want to downgrade from premium to free due to lack of use. When I go to my subscription to cancel my subscription, it says I'm on free. However I'm paying every month and have been using premium services for years...

I recently purchased a giftcard for a 3 month Premium that will last till March '17. After that, does it mean I will revert back to free service w/ads? I haven't added payment details or anything so...I don't want to continue Premium after that.

Yes it does.


I get stuck in a loop and keep getting sent back to renew my subscription.

Can someone please help me,I had Spotify Premium for like 8 months and it just went went back to «FREE» and my dad checked the payment and he had paid for the whole time.Please help.

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