Downgrading from Family Plan to regular

Downgrading from Family Plan to regular


Can someone show me how to downgrade from a "family plan" to just a regular plan? 

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You'll have to cancel your current Family subscription. Then you'll have to wait untill your account drops to the Free plan.

When your account is at the free plan, you can upgrade to Premium again.


Note: The premium from the other accounts connected to the family plan, will get canceled to when you cancel the Family plan within the administrator (main) account of the Family plan.


This is such a bad, inconvenient process. Why not give your customers a subscription tier page? Make it simple. Same goes for unlinking from a Facebook account.


I'm trying to stick with Spotify instead of switching to Apple music, but clunky account policies like these, and having to waste time on forums like this, give me doubts.


You will lose all your music if you downgrade to Free.  Pretty sure Apple doesn't do this so probably better just to switch to Apple.

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