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Duplicates don't have higher chance of being played, why?

Duplicates don't have higher chance of being played, why?




Im getting really frustrated with this. Theres a song I want to listen to very often.

So I tried creating multiple duplicates of it on my playlist.

But it doesnt matter, I just have to manually add it to queue.


Is there any feature that does this? Am I not seeing a setting or something?


I could created a playlist in which every other song is the song I want, but it would take forever because I have 500+ songs I want on that playlist, also play on non shuffle gets boring over time.


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I just noticed that duplicates actually work on windows.

But they are definetely not working on android.

Any help?

Hey @NanoPIX.


Thanks for reaching out to us about this.


Do you mind clarifying what the issue is? You mentioned that there is a difference in the behaviour between the app on desktop and on mobile - do you mind explaining what this difference is, including steps to reproduce so that we can test this on our end?


Thanks! We'll be looking out for your reply so that we can resolve this for you 🙂

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