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Email change in Facebook not reflecting in Spotify

Email change in Facebook not reflecting in Spotify

Spotify said that any email change on a facebook-linked account would need to happen in Facebook. I've done that. But the change is not being reflected in Spotify which still lists an ancient, since-closed email address. 

2 Replies

Hi @Jordanrager,


First, go to this Link and see if you can change your email. You may have to confirm with your old email, in which case see below.


The email change in Facebook should only cascade to Spotify if you have to select the "Log In With Facebook" option. If you use a username and password to log into Spotify, the email address in Spotify is independent of your Facebook email. 


Regardless, since your linked email is closed, you may not be able to use the account profile settings to change your email. If this is the case you will need to contact customer support in order change your email. The tech support is quite good and would expect this to be resolved quite quickly.


Experience: I recently migrated a Facebook Spotify account to a Spotify with Facebook linked. I also had a long gone email originally on my Spotify account due to Facebook.

Apologies. I forgot to include the link to the customer support.


Follow the topics (Account -> Other -> I Still Need Help). Then you can email Spotify personnel with a brief explanation of the change. You'll have to prove it's your account then they will be able to change it really quickly.



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