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Email changes when inviting a family member

Email changes when inviting a family member



When I try to invite a family member, the invitation comes to the e-mail adress I send it to. Here is no problem. But when he accepts it, it changes into another (maybe old or never used) mail adress. The mail adress it changes to can't be accessed since passwords and secret questions are forgotten. How can it be that whenever I send the invitation, the invitation comes to the right mail adress but after accepting it, he can't log in with anything, won't see anything to make his password, and the mail in my family account changed to something else. I never had this problem with any other family member, and uninstalling spotify on the phone or using a free account mail wouldn't help, it kept on being a free account.





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This situation is tricky. But I had to ask, can you be more clear on the way that the email changes? When you state "But when he accepts it (the invite), it changes into another (maybe old or never used) mail address." What is the second it referring to in this sentence? And what are these old/never used emails? If I can get a reply from you ASAP I might be able to get closer to solving your problem.





Let's say I invite him through my family account with the e-mail lets say *snip*, the invite goes okay, it pops up in his mailbox, but the moment he accepts that one he is asked to log in and he doesn't have a password filled in or anything. (Lets say he just doesn't have the option to make an account then through the invitation I send him) When I then refresh my family page it states the invitation is active, I see his name but the email adress changed to lets say *snip*. This is then a mail adress corresponding to his name, but it's a really old mail adress according to him and he doesn't have acces to that one, so we also can't do the password forgotten option with that mail adress.


Now the main question is, how can it be that one accepts my invitation, and after accepting he is prompted to log in with no login credentials, plus it's changing the mail adress in my family account after accepting to a mail adress which is not used or filled in by one of us.


Tricky question, but I hope this can be solved!

P.s. I used fictional mail adresses in case of privacy.

Thanks for checking back!


Ok. Tricky question. I'm not sure if I can do anything about this considering I don't have the power to change that kind of stuff :(. Email Spotify to see what they can do.




Hey Hayden,


Do you know where I can connect or mail Spotify? I couldn't find anything on how to contact them. Only thing I could find was this community forum to ask my question!


Thanks in advance!

The email used for Spotify with cases like this would be


Hope they can solve your problem!


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