Email not updating on profile

Email not updating on profile


I need to change the email address on my profile. it says I can change it by changing it on my Facebook profile. I have already done this, and it is showing the right one on there. However, the email address shown on my Spotify account is still my old one. How can I alter this

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Hi @JennyLockey!


Don't worry. Keep in mind that it might take up to 48 hours for any changes to be visible on your Facebook-created account.


Any other questions, just give us a shout.


It's been a week now and it's still not showing up as changed. Is there anything you could do to check it, or change it your end?

I do have the same problem, but since I created my Spotify account. My correct mail address is correctly mentioned on Facebook.


I have same issue! I changed my email address on FB over a month ago, and it is still NOT updated on my Spotify account. Anyone having a solution on how to get this fixed?

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