Entire Library gone / Account split into two


Entire Library gone / Account split into two



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all (ios, android, and windows)


I am writing this from a friend's account, since it won't let me post here on my own account, likely related to the issue explained below.


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Tonight, my spotify account randomly decided to empty the entire library.

My liked songs are gone, and all saved playlists too. This is on all 3 device types that I have (android, ios, and windows), without logging out and back in. (and yes, that doesn't solve it either)

I happen to have the permalink to my account saved( https://open.spotify.com/user/s9go08gzm6eofh1ca8b6bskx8 ), and if I view it, I can see all of my public playlists, but it's as if it's a different account.... I can follow and unfollow the account and it's playlists, even though it's supposed to be me (same name and everything). When checking into any of the public playlists, the name that created the playlists is correct (leona.grtschnig) but all songs inside of them say, added by "s9go08gzm6eofh1ca8b6bskx8". 

Interestingly, I can also no longer log in using my username, leona.grtschnig (email works), but if I copy that random string (s9go08gzm6eofh1ca8b6bskx8), and use my password, it works. So it's as if my account was split into two, one of which has all of my library, and the other of which is the one I can actually log into.

If I check my account settings, it still says that my username is leona.grtschnig - which I can't login with, as mentioned earlier.

Any help recovering my library and/or fixing the split personality of my account would be much appreciated.

Thanks and cheers

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Hey @murayy, thanks for reaching out to the Community!


For this particular case, I'd recommend getting in touch with Customer Support. They'll take a look and do their best to help.

Have a nice day!

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