Error Code: 3 My account is gone!


Error Code: 3 My account is gone!


All of a sudden I had been logged out of my Premium account. As in, I was using it just fine on my phone an hour before it stopped working. I have been a customer for 5 years with zero problems until now. 


When attempting to log in, it says that my credentials were incorrect and so I reset my password. I was able to log in again, however, all of my playlists were gone! My account says that I am still a premium subscriber. 


I logged into the desktop application, and my playlists are gone there as well! 

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Re: Error Code: 3 My account is gone!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi there, thanks for coming to the Spotify Community.


If you're still seeing your Premium, can you let us know if you're able to recover your playlists with these steps?


Just so we're sure, are your saved songs/albums still showing? Or, has anything else changed?


Keep us posted,