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Error code: 3


Normally i login  from the PC with my email adress and my usual passwword. But for last week, it don't recognize it. So i asked for an other password to send to my email and it still don't work.

I try to log with my user name (wich is unsual), it work BUT none of my playlist are yet there ??!!!

Does somebody knows why i can't login with my email adress AND why when i use my user name my playslists are gone ?



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Hey there, @trancekility


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If you've logged in but your playlists are missing, it sounds like you may have logged into a second account.


To check if you have another account, we'd recommend heading here:


These steps might also do the trick:


If not, get right back to us and we'll see what else we can suggest 🙂


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I can' log in to my account. i have tried resting password. putting my email and username and it still wont let me log in. 

I'd the same problem.

One of the solution is to log with facebook.

However it does not explain how to log normaly. : (

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