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Errpr 410 problem

Errpr 410 problem

For the whole day I have not been able to access spotify online, as it says my 'password is incorect' This is strange as It signs me in automatically all the time, and I have not changed my password since I last used spotify.


I tried logging in with facebook, and there is a 'processing error'.

I tried loggin in with spotify and it just puts me in to offline mode.

I tried getting a forgotten password token, but it tells me that there is no spotify account linked to this email.


If anyone can help that would be great.


I can't log in to my actual account on the website, I had to use this secondary one, my actual account is:

GeoHall1995 and the email is ***********

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I've just got back to you and passed your email onto the relevant team. You should get another email from them soon.

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