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Every time I open Spotify, I see all this EXTRA **bleep** I don't want to see....

Every time I open Spotify, I see all this EXTRA **bleep** I don't want to see....

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Country USA


Device Mac



One thing that really bugs the **bleep** out of me is when I open spotify, the last song I was playing from a playlist is there on the bottom but I'm no longer in the playlist.  I have HUNDREDS of playlists.  Its not that easy to figure out when one I'm in.  I want it to be EXACTLY where I left it!


The ohter really annoying thing are all the ads for music I couldn't give a rats **bleep** about.  I want to see songs albums etc I serach for ONLY when I search.  I'm paying for this.  I don't want to see YOUR suggestions.  I couldn't give a **bleep** what you think I should listen to.  Stop trying to be a social network and play my **bleep** music I payed for.


How do I get the playlists at the TOP of the left side and get rid of all that extra gak?  Made for you?  wth is this**bleep**?  GET RID OF IT!  If you want to add a bunch of BANDWIDTH THEIVING BS, at least allow me to TURN IT ALL OFF!  I run all of this on a hot spot and my bandwidth slows to a crawl EVERY MONTH when I run out and you are a HUGE part of the problem.


PS wth is Labels?  IDK what it means so how the **bleep** am I supposed to know what to write there?  Why make this complicated?

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Hey @TigerAudioInc,


I read that you don't like seeing the announcements about new releases, if you head to your Spotify preferences (Command + P) you can scroll down and you will see a setting 'Show announcements about new releases' and you can turn that off. 


As for having your playlists at the top of the sidebar, there is currently no way to do this, however, it does sounds like a great idea, so I would suggest heading over to the Idea Exchange and putting a post up there (if someone hasn't posted the idea already).


When we are talking about Labels in a music sense, are basically the companies that look after the distribution, marketing and copyright of music on behalf of the Artist. REF


If you need help with anything else, please let me know!


Command P does not pull up preferences but thank you for your friendly reply.

My latest of MANY issues with Spotify which I pay for, for YEARS, is that I search for a song, album, or artist and someone’s gd playlist comes up. I NEVER want to have a search result of someone’s playlist that they named after the song I’m searching for. This is idiotic. In fact, I never want to FIND someone’s playlist EVER. How do I turn that off? I am only interested in my own playlists, or those that have been sent directly to me as a LINK. I use this professionally. It is loaded with extra useless GAK. The entire interface is an abortion. I can only really stand the MAC version. The iPad and iPhone versions are the worst thing ever. NO MUSICIAN OR SOUND ENGINEER DESIGNED THIS **bleep**.

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