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Expired Creditcard lost Premium services

Expired Creditcard lost Premium services

My credit card expired and i tried to change the credit card details and the site wouldn't let me. I think reregistered back to Premium and receipt the receipt via email but my desktop and iphone service aren't recognising that i am on Premium and say i'm on Spotify free. Please can you help? i don't want to loose my playlists and want to listen offline too. thanks Zara 

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Hi Zara,


You successfully updated your card details, but you didn't start a new subscription. You can do that on your Subscription page.

Hi there, i'm afraid i did - i recieved the subsciption update receipt. I've also just done it again to double check. What happens if i have paid for it twice now?

Your account is Premium status now. If this hasn't updated to your Spotify application, try logging out and back in again.


There is only one payment in the system today, so I hope there will be no problem.

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