FB account deleted; unable to login. HELP!


FB account deleted; unable to login. HELP!


Evenin' chaps! I had my Facebook account linked to my Spotify premium account which I used infrequently. Last month I deleted my Facebook account and now I am unable to login into Spotify which means I cannot even use those credentials to request for deletiion of my old Spotify account which would free up my email address (which I also used for FB) so that I could start afresh.  Now is there a way to unlink my FB and email address so that I can use it to create a new Spotify account. 

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Re: FB account deleted; unable to login. HELP!

Casual Listener

I've got a similar problem, only that in my case my Facebook account got blocked and I can't log back in anymore. Since it's linked to a premium Spotify account this really sucks, because right now I am paying for a service I can't even use. I hope there's a way to unlink the FB account from the Spotify account without having to be able to log back in to Facebook.