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FIND FRIENDS not actually showing any friends

FIND FRIENDS not actually showing any friends


Hey all,


I've noticed this over the past month or two and thought it would eventually sort itself out but it still appears to be broken.


When I scroll to the bottom of the friend activy tab and hit the  FIND FRIENDS button the lightbox says '1 FRIEND ON SPOTIFY' but there's nothing below it - it's just empty.  I know for a fact I have plenty of friends on Spotify because I've seen it before.


My Facebook account is defintly linked and I've tried logging out all of my devices and logging back in (on multiple devices) but they all display the same thing. 


Any ideas or any tips to try and troubleshoot this?

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As of today I have the same issue.
Friend that were already connecten in Spotify are (with the exception of 2) all gone and I cannot find them anymore.

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