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Facebook Account Disappeared


Facebook Account Disappeared

Music Fan
‎2013-03-09 11:38 PM

Apparently, I had 2 accounts: One for facebook and another for spotify directly. All of my starred music and playlists were linked to my account on facebook. I tried linking the facebook account to the regular spotify account by going to preferences. When I linked them together, all of my music disappeared from my facebook account.


At first, spotify didn't let me log into my facebook account. Now, when I log in using my facebook credentials, all of my music disappears. I have a feeling that it created a new back-end user name for my facebook account. I still have my old one (which was a bunch of numbers)... Any suggestions?


Also, I already submitted a request using the contact form, but haven't heard back...anyone know what the average response time is??


I don't think it should be that hard to restore the info since I have both usernames, and old back end user name.

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Re: Facebook Account Disappeared

Community Legend
‎2013-03-10 12:30 AM

Hey! Welcome to the community :) 


You where right to get in touch directly, this kind of thing requires some specialist skills from the Spotify team. 

Normally all queries are answered within 48 hours, so hang tight someone will get back to you as soon as possible. 


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