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Facebook App Settings: Invalid permission specified

Facebook App Settings: Invalid permission specified

When clicking the Spotify App edit link on the Facebook App Settings page, I recieve the following error:


Invalid permission specified
The app requested an invalid permission: whitelisted_offline_access


Here is a screenshot of the issue:


I need to change my privacy settings and this error won't even let me view the Spotify app's settings.

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Hey 🙂 


This issue has been reported also over on this topic which I have escalated to the Spotify staff as an issue. 😉



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I have attempted deleting and reconnecting the Spotify App to my Facebook account, but that does not help.

I too have been extremely frustrated over the last few days trying to figure out this issue and get around it... PLEASE someone save my sanity and give us the answer!!!!

yeah this is happening to me too. I can't get at my privacy settings at all !!

Hi guys,

We've reported the issue. We should hear some more news soon.

Check out how we're doing over @SpotifyStatus

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