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Facebook Business Manager upgrade = NO SPOTIFY!!!!

Facebook Business Manager upgrade = NO SPOTIFY!!!!

We were recently 'made' to change our facebook login to a different email address, and had to start using Business Manager on facebook (don't even get me started on that!!!)...............the fallout of this is that we are unable to use our premium spotify account due to the changes of facebook login. Can someone please advise on how we can get around this? we are paying for the service that we are unable to use......not real happy!!!!! Cheers.

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Hi @Meredith

I did respond directly to the email and the reply I got was that I have 2 accounts linked to my personal email address and that I had to do a clean and reinstall on my computer to fix the problem.

I can access my personal spotify (kyzer73) on my computer and my phone. That is not the issue at all.

What I need is to be communicating with someone that can check the payment that is being taken out every month (I can provide the credit card details) and let me know what the user name that is attached to that. Then I can reset the password and we are back up and running.

Now, if the 2nd account I 'have' that is linked to my personal email is a premium account, then that needed to be confirmed in the last email when I requested those details. Although, when i tried to reset my password on that user name (number) it wouldn't let me so I'm not sure what I am supposed to do about that.


Can someone please help me get this resolved!




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