Facebook Connection

Facebook Connection

Okay so I've had a heck of a time dealing with this. So First I created an account by connecting with my Facebook account. That was a while ago. I since then have made a new account that I use Premium on and I want to connect my Facebook to that account. I scrolled through this forum to see others like me, and the few I saw said contact Spotify by sending an email. But their email said come here or the FAQ's... which I've already done. So I'm just running in circles and if I could just get a definite answer from not a robot then that would be GREAT!!!! Thanks for your time and support.

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Hey @qwerwasd


Thanks for reaching out to us. We're here to guide you 🙂


I'd recommend for you to reach out to our Accounts team. You can reach them on Twitter (@SpotifyCares), or by using our handly little contact form here!


Should you reach out to us via the contact form, you may receive an automated reply. No fear - just reply back to it and our team will get your email. Either way, I'm sure our team will be able to reunite you with your Premium subscription and connect your FB account to the correct account 🙂


Let me know if there's anything else we can help with. Have a good weekend!

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