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Facebook Login error 404

Facebook Login error 404

This seems to be an issue with logging in with Facebook. 

I can not log into my account with Spotify with my Facebook Account. 

It gives me the 404 You maybe blocked by a firewall error, but as you can see , I setup another account and only a email account and boom I have full access on my phone and on my computer. 

I tried searching the forums to find what settings on my facebook might be causing the issue including letting Facebook give it its own password using code generator. 

Accounts-->Security---> Code Generator

Use your email address and then the code code generator gives you. Obviously this did not work as well. 
I tried contacting you through your anonomous "help" contact us form, not once but twice.  Then finally decided the only way to get this to work is to create a entire new account just to get this resolved. So now that I can actually post in the forums.....

How do I fix this?

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Original Login: joshjoneswol

same problem for my mother's account 

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