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Facebook Login while trying to pay with Paypal

Facebook Login while trying to pay with Paypal

So I changed debit cards. Went to use the new on and I'm getting a "declined check card info" message. So I just tried to use my Paypal account. Everything works until it tells me I have to login through Facebook. I have to enter my password 3 times before it will accept it and then it just logs me in to FB and nothing else happens. No prompt to continue to pay for the service or anything. It is really frustrating and I'm to the point that I'm ready to stop using Spotify all together. It aggravates me more than anything that a company like Spotify doesn't have a customer service line that you can call and have a person help you. This problem I feel could have been solved in a few minutes if I could just speak to someone on the phone about it. Please help!!!
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