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Facebook account tied to my Spotify account has been disabled.How should i proceed ?

Facebook account tied to my Spotify account has been disabled.How should i proceed ?







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 My Facebook account tied to my spotify account has been disabled, what are the steps to keep my spotify account?

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Hi @ciubaca666,


Just to clarify, do you mean that you deleted/disabled your Facebook account but still want to use Spotify?


If so, I recommend checking out the FAQ page ”I want to use Spotify without Facebook” here for the steps you should take to start the process of switching those accounts.

Thanks, let me know if you have any other questions!

basically the facebook account has been disabled permanently, i no longer have access to it. if i can access my spotify account in this situation just by putting email address and pass is fine by me,if not then things are getting weird.

If you first created an account via email and then connected it to Facebook, you will be able to log in normally and then disconnect your Facebook. Try inputting your email into the 'Forgot your Password?' page if you're not sure.


Otherwise, there is unfortunately no way for you to log back into your account. However, you could try making a new account and searching your name up on the search bar. If you can find your profile, you can make copies of all your playlists using the following method:


1. Click on the playlist and select a song

2. Press Ctrl+A to select all songs in the playlist

3. Press Ctrl+C to copy all songs

4. Create a new playlist with the same name

5. Press Ctrl+V to paste all songs into the playlist


From there you can edit your playlist as normal. Please let me know if this helps and make sure to reply if you need anything else!

The spotify account was created using facebook but due some reason i can log in  into spotify using email address  that was used for the disabled facebook account, not sure what this means, but if this method works it;s fine by me.

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