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Facebook & Spotify issue

Facebook & Spotify issue

When I signed up with Spotify like a generation ago I used a separate newly created fb ac, I was in a non-spotify supported territory, and spotify locked me out of that one. So when I got back to a spotify supported territory I had to create another spotify ac using my main fb ac.   


Now years later, when I'm trying to update, it is attempting to log me into my spotify ac  - which is associated with my current fb in a spotify supported territory -  using the old blocked fb ac giving me a 408 error code. Why? I tried deactivating the non-country ac and signing then told me my password doesn't match.


Everything in my spotify ac settings match the current country friendly fb ac, = email, yada yada all that...but why suddenly has spotify decided to pull connections to an old long dead un-used fb ac, while I'm logged in on this current one? What are my options here? 




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