Facebook (and I've followed directions)


Facebook (and I've followed directions)


I have two facebook accounts. The one that I used to sign up with to spotify we'll call FB1. The facebook I'm using now is FB2. I decided that I wanted to stop using FB1 with spotify, but switch it over to FB2. I know that I need an active facebook account to use my Spotify Unlimited/Premium/whatever the $10 one is.  I followed this directions:


Go to Edit - Preferences - Disconnect from Facebook. Now go to File and Connect to Facebook. Use now a your new Facebook account.


Apparently this does not work though for accounts created after September 22nd 2011? 


So now I have two accounts, a paid one connected to FB1, and a free version of spotify connected to FB2. I don't want spotify connected to FB1 at all. I want my paid spotify connected to FB2. Help?

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Re: Facebook (and I've followed directions)

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Your Spotify account and your Facebook account are the same thing, so you can't transfer.


Copy+paste your playlists from FB1 to FB2. Then cancel the subscription on FB1 and make a new one for FB2.

Re: Facebook (and I've followed directions)

Amberpbaker - Your original 'amberleepb' Spotify account was created last July, so you'll be able to disconnect it totally from your Facebook.

So, if you were to disconnect your Facebook through the steps you mention above, you'll be able to connect your Spotify to another Facebook account. When you do disconnect, just make sure you are logged out of Facebook on your internet browser.

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