Facebook and new account problem

Facebook and new account problem



Both Free and Premium




Samsung A5, ms surface, ipad, lg tv

Operating System

(iOS 10, Android ?, Windows 10.)


My Question or Issue

I have a facebook associated free account - now have new (premium) account. Spotify has allowed me to do this. However, I can't log into the new account on any devices except pc (I have 'logged out of' all devices). And I can't close the new account - it'll allow me to open the account on pc, but it won't accept the password when I try to enter account settings, even when I have just reset the password. I think I've entered a nightmare world where Spotify algorithms are just failing. I've tried closing the facebook associated spotify account altogether, but even this failed at the last hurdle as the closing email wasn't sent to me. I just want one, premium account, preferably associated with facebook (although I'd accept even this if there's no alternative). Please help! 

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Hi @1114864160,

I'm incredibly sorry that this is happening. You mentioned that you were able to log into your new Premium account on your PC, so as a first step, I suggest going to Edit > Preferences and trying to connect your Facebook to that account. Please reply if it's not resolved, I'm happy to help troubleshoot.

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