Facebook and spotify accounts delinked

Facebook and spotify accounts delinked

I used to log in using my facebook. This stopped working and now when I log into spotify using my old username, conorsul, it works fine except it's not linked to Facebook. When I log in using Facebook, it says it's a new account. Can this be undone. Didn't do anything i think that would have done this.
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Same here.  Started happening yesterday evening.  Spotify logged itself out on all my machines and when I log back in it acts like a new account.  Also tells me I don't have a subscription.  Other people in forums appear to have similar issues, but spotify failing to respond today.  Get the feeling they don't expect people to want to listen to music at the weekend.

I have exactly the same problem. I cannot login to the desktop either.


The iPhone app still works though.

Having the same issue.  Logged in yesterday with no issue and now i've lost my playlists and shows that I'm using a free account and not the premium I've paid for.  Can you help?  Email address: dale.gluck68@gmail.com

Same here...Smiley Sad

Same here.  Premium account that lost all my playlists, account delinked, etc, etc.  Now showing as free account.  Need help 

I had a spotify account before i linked it with facebook - so i can still log in with that and everything is there, just its not linked to facebook. Then when i tried to log in with facebook it treated it as a new account. When I try to link the two up using the option provided in the account information page on the website it says there is an error

Conorsul - I've deleted your duplicate account and unlinked your Facebook account from this duplicate. You can log in again using your "conorsul" username

b_morgan - Same as above, you should be able to log in with your "b_morgan" username and connect your Facebook to this account.

SPPI - Same again - Should now be able to link your Facebook with your "slifflander" account.

RelentlessChef - For you, log in with your "relentlesschef" username, and you should be able to pop Facebook on that.

tobiasn - Log in with your "tobiasn" username, and you should be able to get Facebook connected to this account correctly now.

mtettmar - Log in with your "mtettmar" username, and likewise, should be able to get this account connected to Facebook.

In all these cases, ensure that you're using your username, rather than your email address.

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>> mtettmar - Log in with your "mtettmar" username, and likewise, should be able to get this account connected to Facebook.


Ok, have done.  Had to get it to reset my password as I didn't even know I had such a username.  As long as I can remember I have been logging in with my facebook details.  


Now please explain:


1. Why did Spotify log itself out over the weekend?

2. Why when I logged in *AS NORMAL* did it revert to a free account and lose my play lists?

3. Why did my subscription jump to an account I didn't even know I had?

3a. I only signed up for premium in January, and signed up using my facebook credentials.  Why has it decided to switch the subscription to another account?

4. When will you credit me for a lost weekend?  A refund for the month of Feb or 10 download credits might make me reconsider cancelling my subscription.

5. When will the Spotify Status feed be updated?

6. Why does no one respond on Twitter?

7. Why when dozens of people ask @spotify what is going on do they ignore all tweets and instead post an announcement about the v festival?

8. How can I now log back in using my facebook credentials as I have always done.

9. Can you give me assurances that this won't happen again.

10. Can you enlighten us as to your weekend support policies. We listen to music at the weekend.  We pay monthly.  We expect it to work all the time. 


Look forward to receiving my credit.

I seem to be having the same problem with my "gotenks31" account on spotify. If you could help that would be much appreciated!

Hey there,


I got the exact same problem since 10 minutes now. All my playlists are gone, and it seems like i don't have any suscription (i got a Premium account for 8 months or so now).


Please help !

Fixed !

I now have a duplicate Spotify account also. My Facebook account was hacked so I changed the password there and Spotify logged me off. I tried logging in with both my Spotify Premium username and password and new Facebook login info and couldn't log in. I was finally able to login from the Spotify website with my new Facebook pw, but it created a new account. I logged off and reset my password using my Spotify Premium info and the Facebook account was delinked and there is an error if I try to connect my account to Facebook.


My Spotify username is Freshpeel.


Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

How'd you manage it? Mine is still faulty

Having the same issue...I can not log in to spotify ...It asks me to log in using facebook which i do and then it asksme to go in again...not sure what's happening...very annoyed.

Same problem here as of this morning. Spotify Premium app on Windows wouldn't log in through Facebook because that account didn't have a Premium subscription but logging in with Spotify credentials worked fine. Now I can't link my Spotify account back to my FB account because Spotify is treating them like separate accounts. Everything was working peachy yesterday afternoon. Thoughts?

I'm having the same issue - out of the blue.  Won't let me log in with Facebook.  I did log in using my spotify username & password which will work temporarily, but the Facebook integration is definitely broken.  When I used the link here on the website to manually connect with Facebook, it said there was an  error and try later or something similar.


I agree with the others who find it aggravating that the status info says everything is up and running, when obviously it's not.

gotenks31 - I could locate your normal account, but Facebook wasn't connected to it... strange! I've sent you an email, it's probably better we continue our discussion there.

freshpeel - Located your Premium account (freshpeel), but couldn't locate an account linked to Facebook at all... Are you not able to connect to Facebook by heading to the Preferences menu and clicking on "Connect to Facebook" under the Social Network tab?

lkorpi - There was a duplicate connected to your email address. I've deleted this, and you should be able to log in just fine with your "weezy0821" username!

dankober - Duplicate deleted and Facebook has been unconnected. Log out and log back in using your "dankober" username, and you should be able to get into your shiny old account. Should also be able to connect your Facebook to this account in the Preferences menu.

vmcarlin - I couldn't seem to locate a second account connected to your email address at all. This seems a little mysterious. You should be able to log in with your Spotify username / Password combo, and might be able to connect to Facebook now in the Preferences menu.

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David - Everything is back up and moving. Top marks on the quick response.

I am having the same problem, only I can't log in with my old username (ldenhertog) either . . .

Is it possible that this is because the email address I originally signed up with is no longer active? When I first signed up to spotify I used my university email address. That address has not been active since i graduated in 2010. When I gave spotify access to my facebook (a while ago now), im assuming it began recognizing the same details (my newer, still-active gmail account and my facebook password) but now that something has gone wrong and spotify has stopped recognizing the link to facebook, perhaps my old username no longer works because the old email address is inactive?

In any case I want this to get fixed right away.

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