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Facebook deactivation

Facebook deactivation

Hi. I've deactivated Facebook which is linked to my premium account.
Please can my account be transferred to the new one I've setup which isn't linked to Facebook?
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Yes totally, I did the same thing. However, you either need to cancel your FB linked subscription and create a new one through spotify or contact them via the Contact Form. If you do it yourself your playlists and stuff wont be transferred. I would contact Spotify directly through the form. They took care of everything for me they just had to make sure I was really who I said i was ;). I think what they do is cancel your FB account through their end and then have you re-sign up and then transfer your stuff over. Sounds like a lot but they make it really easy.

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No worries, this is easily fixed! You can get in touch with a member of the Spotify staff so that they can do their magic backstage and transfer all your data over to your new account. You can drop them a line on social media (Twitter or Facebook) or by using the contact form. Make sure, if you use the latter, to reply to the automated email you'll receive directing you back to the help pages, even if it's from a no-reply!


Keep in mind to add all the necessary information so they know which account you need help with 🙂

Support usually gets back within a day or two.


Hope this helps!



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You can visit to help get your account back up and running 🙂 You can file the form and get started so you can get back to your jamming music! 

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