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Facebook delete/ Switched to Stopify Premium/ transfer music

Facebook delete/ Switched to Stopify Premium/ transfer music

I'm trying to deactivate my Facebook, in the process I realized I couldn't even so much as email Spotify customer service while it's deactivated. I read in a forum that I could open a new Spotify account and have customer service transfer my music... So I paid for a premium Spotify Family Plan and clicked on the link sent to my email. I was never given the option to start a password or anything. I went to sign on and it didn't recognize my password. I getting pretty effin irritated. 

I also tried to invite my previous accouint info and was denied. I don't want to erase my original account in fear that my 10,000 songs will be deleted. 

Please have this addressed soon or I WILL DELETE my SPOTIFY and make sure my bank DOES NOT pay anything charged from this message fourth.

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If you want your playlists moved to a new account without the Facebook login option here's article on what to do:

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