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Facebook deleted my premium account

Facebook deleted my premium account

Facebook deleted my account out of nowhere and my Premium Spotify account is still active, but I can't recover an E-mail, because it isn't attached to one (i only have access to it through my phone app), but I am still being charged monthly though my paypal. Is it possible for it to be merged with my new account so I can get my playlists and everything back? Or at least delete the old account so I stop being charged?

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Hi @user-removed 

Check out this Spotify Answer for the steps you should take to use Spotify without Facebook.
Hope this helps.
Let me know if you have any other questions!

I can not log into the account on my Desktop because I do not have the Email or Password for the account, because they don't seem to be attached to the Email my Facebook had. It doesn't seem like the account is attached to any Email that I know about, but it is still automatically pulling from my Paypal each month and I can't stop it from the Phone App

Were you be able to login atleast on you phone using the Spotify app?

Are your playlists not private? Not collaborative? Can you tell me your playlist title? Let me locate it and see what I can do.

I can access it from my Phone app, but only because I have not logged off yet. The only Playlist I have atm is one titled Laughs. It has some Lil Dicky music on it.

Great to know you're not logged off yet. Head over to your profile, click on the upper-right part to show some options, then click "share." Click "copy link". The link should be like this...


With this example, "Soul-Calibre" is the username. Can you try logging in using that username instead of using an email? Let me know if you'll encounter an error.

Oh I didn't realize you were looking for the current Username. I have access to that, it's in the profile. It's a very long string of random numbers and letters, but I already tried logging in with it. None of the passwords I could think to use worked for it.

OK. The solution now to your problem is to chat with @SpotifyCares to regain access to your account.

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