Facebook email adress


Facebook email adress




I had two Spotify Accounts. The first was linked to Facebook and the second was created with an Email adress which I want to switch. 

So the problem is, that I deleted the first Spotify account and thought that my current Facebook Email is free to use now for the second account. But it dosen't work. Spotify tells me the Email is still linked to Facebook and I can't use it for my new account. I don't want to link my new account to Facebook!

But it's important for me to switch the Email 'cause I get my bills from Spotify to an old adress which is not exsistent anymore. 


Do you have any solution to my problem?



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Re: Facebook email adress


Hi, @stolenworld112!


Welcome to the Spotify Community, we're glad to see you're part of the band. 

Don't worry, our Accounts team can take a closer look at this. You can get in touch with them from any of our social media help sites: @SpotifyCares on Twitter and Spotify Cares on Facebook. Just send them a private message with your account's email address and username.


You can also use our Contact Form to get email support

Don't hesitate to drop us a message if you need us again.