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Facebook friends are only numbers and no profile photo


Facebook friends are only numbers and no profile photo

Hi Support,


I use Facebook with Spotify Premium in combination with a HTTPS proxy. With the proxy Facebook website isn't blocked in the web-browser, however in Spotify I only see numbers and no profile photo from FB.


It's like the proxy settings are not applied in the Facebook integration part of the Spotify code. I'm not the only person who suffers from this bug, here you can read similar & same issues with regard to this bug:


It's really irritating bug, because I need to couple the numbers to a person in my head and remember it that way. Please Spotify, give this bug at least some priority.




Kind regards,

Melroy van den Berg


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I'm just following a hunch and some due dilligence but would you mind answering these questions?


  1. What version of Spotify are you using? (i.e. 0.8.8.)
  2. What operating system are you using? (i.e. OSX, Windows)
  3. What web security software are you using on your computer?


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Hi Rorey,


In my case, however other people should also reply on your post.


  1. (just updated)
  2. Windows 7 Enterprise 64bit SP1
  3. McAfee Agent (v.4.6), McAfee Host Intrusion Prevation (v7.0.0) and McAfee VirusScan Enterpise + AntiSpyware Enterprise (v.8.8.0)

However with the new update, the issue of Facebook is fixed!


Thank you very much it is solved completly!



Too bad I can't see the year of release of a song with the new version of Spotify, nor in the playlist (I can only see when I added it). And I need to search into a albums to find the release year of the songs. However it is another issue and is not linked to this issue.


Kind regards,

Melroy van den Berg

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@electraflux wrote:

This just happened to my photo in the last 24hours. It's really annoying and disappointing. My name also switched form my real name to a user name. 😞 😞 😞

Hey @electraflux 🙂 


Is your Spotify username "electraflux"?

If so, I can confirm your account is connected to Facebook and is showing your real name and profile picture. It is possible Spotify simply had some issues connecting to Facebook when you most recently opened your client - if that is the case you should find it corrects itself with a little time (normally 24 hours).



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I have escalated this to the community team to ask for some feedback. 

Will see what they say 😉 



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Thanks! Hopefully some developer can fix this issue.



I already tried to uncheck 'Remember me', some people suggested that. I also tried to login & log-out again. Re-check the proxy setting .. but all seems ok. And again Facebook (the website) is accessible with the same proxy settings in my webbrowser.

I have this issue since i have spotify, so like more than half a year i think. I really hope this gets fixed, since the old thread seems to be abondoned by the devs.

Hi Peter,


Did you get some reaction from them? Are they willing to fix this issue?


Kind regards,

Melroy van den Berg

I am yet to hear back, if/when I do, I will post here (or a member of staff) 😉 



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We used to see this a while back but I'm pretty sure this was fixed.


If your profile picture won't appear even though you're connected to Facebook, it could be a problem with the network. For example, if you're behind an office firewall which blocks Facebook. The most common case is the office issue. 


Is it an option for you try another WiFi network to see if you get the profile picture?

I'm currently at work. And I can surf all over facebook. Even tweetbot can and resolves everything perfectly in my browser. Just spotify can't manage that.

Please... Read the topic better. First of all Facebook is not blocked and second its not only my profile picture, but all profile pictures of my friends in Spotify and it won't convert the id to a name (so I see only id's instead of names)

please, read the issue one more time

@Dangerous! Indeed. I read "the proxy Facebook website isn't blocked in the web-browser".


I'm referring to Facebook being blocked by the network, not the web browser. 


Are you using Spotify on a work network or in a building with network firewall settings controlled by someone other than yourself?   


Apologies if the questions seem somewhat mundane but if it's a bug I'd like to confirm so I can escalate this for everyone. Just hoping I can help 🙂 

Hi Rory,


Sorry that we didn' t understand each other. Let me explain: I installed my own webbrowser like Firefox and set-up the proxy settings (like HTTP(S) URL, port and username/password). SIn short my browser does not work out of the box. So to the point: I used the same proxy settings I used in my webbrowser to setup Spotify.


When I setup Spotify with the same proxy settings I get access to Spotify and can succesfully login and listen to music. Well... my firefox rules are indeed not managed by myself, but that shouldn't be the problem in this case I guess.


I can proof that there is a part in your code that is working correct, see the yellow line in the following image:


Preview Bug Screenshot


It shows the complete name of the user, but on the right from the playlist name I only the his number (ending on 308).


But again, the webbrowser has exactly the same proxy settings as Spotify does and the firewall treats Spotify the same as Firefox as far as I know.

The symptoms in this screenshot (i.e. usernames showing up as numbers) are likely an indicator that Facebook is being blocked by the proxy you're using. While we often see the issue with offices, one can get this experience from any proxy where the firewall settings are not managed by yourself. 


Even if you're having problems with network proxy settings causing usernames to not display properly, you should be able to login to Spotify with both Spotify and Facebook details anyway, since authentication occurs on the Spotify side in both cases.


I'm keen to help you resolve the issue but when a network's admin or IT department's proxy settings block Facebook, we can't do anything on our end. Before we fixed the issue for users not behind a network firewall, we recommended checking the firewall settings for both Facebook and Spotify but it seems you've done that.


I'd recommend contacting the network admin if this is possible. If you can confirm they're not blocking Spotify, I can escalate this for you. I'd also recommend trying on another network so we can isolate the problem to the individual network. 


I hope this helps. Let me know if you can try these suggestions. I want to help sort this out for you. 

I guess you are right after all... Meaning that there is only one solution to this problem and that is get the Facebook usernames via another way, like a proxy on your side (I really don't care the profile photo's, so that is a low priority issue)?


So only proxy (grab) the Facebook usernames via your network when:

  • Proxy is enabled
  • Proxy or Firewall block Facebook connection directly or indirectly

There should be a good way to do this? Because I can listen to the music, so the stream isn't blocked meaning that there is some connection possible to the internet.


Hi there, 


I can confirm that this is still a problem. I am using this on a school network, for which I technically do not have control over the proxies. My neighbor, literally across the hall from me, however, who is using the same operating system, and is on the same network, does not have this problem (and never has). 


I definitely think there is a bug involved. My roommate has had the same experience as me. For background my post in a forum which now seems to have been left unattended. 




Hi there, I just wanted to let the community knwo that I'm still having the problem as well. I just installed spotify on a Mac, first time install today and have the same problem with my and my friend's names appearing as numbers (without profile pictures). It tells me I've already connected facebook to my spotify account (or vice versa). Also, of course, when I try to share songs with my friends, the "Share" capability is unable to bring up any of their names. My roommate has had the same problem for a while, although our hall mate (across the hall, literally), has not had this problem. I also had this problem on my PC (sony vaio, windows 7) where I first downloaded spotify in 2012. I live in America. 

Wow. That was weird. I just had the issue resolve itself as I was typing my last post. ... 

Can't vouch for whether it will continue to be resolved for me though, I'll certainly be back if it's not.

Thanks @MCS. Please do so we can look into it. I hope the issue stays resolved but please let us know if it isn't and we'll be all over it. 

So what ports need to be open for the number/name issue to disappear? On a TCP or UDP level?

So, then explain to me. Why can i surf on Facebook at work, but why arent the numbers thre. Obviously, Facebook isn't blocked (Was the first thing i checked, before i bought premium for spotify), but Spotify can't handle this. Even my Tweetdeck can hande this issue, or my miranda with a FB Plugin. The only program wich causes troubles with FB is spotify.

Sakyl thanks for your input!

I looked into this some more (I posted a reply in this topic on Tuesday as eelkolam, but are not able to log in anymore as eelkolam...).

The symptom appears only when I use spotify in my corporate network, which has a proxy (on port 8080). I have the setting "autodetect" in the proxy-section in preferences.


Sometimes I see one or two names and the rest of the facebook friends are numbers, most of the time I only see numbers.

Thsi happens in various places, e.g. when I want to see who is a subsriber of a playlist that I am subscribed to, I see my name and the rest of the subscribers are numbers.


What I also noticed and might help:

In preferences I have "Scrobble to" enabled but I see the status (next to username / password): HTTP reply 407, nn tracks queued.

Also I noticed that I cannot download any app, e.g. when I click on the moodagent app it says: Sorry, I could not download this app. Please try again later.

I am able to use facebook in my browser, I can listen to music in spotify, I can start spotify from facebook, I short I can do anything on my PC except getting names in spotify or scrobble to

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