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Facebook log in error

Facebook log in error

Alright so i've been using this app for 1 week,after i finally managed to log in via facebook.Well i used the up in this morning but know for some reason im no longer connected and when i tried to log in again it said error code 3 username or pasword incorect. I tried to change fb pasword,didn't work.

Any solutions?

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Hello @gremtan1

Error 3 indicates an issue with your login details. You can usually get things working again by:

  • Checking your login details are correct. Make sure you’re using your Spotify username (not your email address) and password. If you created your account using Facebook, use the Log In with Facebook tab. 
  • If you’re still having issues logging in, try resetting your password.  


Let me know how this works for you!

When i oppen my spotify i click log in with facebook,it takes me to a page where it sais login in and the you can close the page now, but nothing happen, for real, i used the app and after 2 hours i got disconected,so.. what can i do? i changed my fb pasword but nothing and 1 of my friend who has used this app with facebook got the same problem like me

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