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Facebook login does NOT work

Facebook login does NOT work

My spotify account is created with my Facebook account. I did not want to make a new thread on this topic because I saw there were many already BUT NOTHING WORKED FOR ME. So here I am. 


I have tried everything. I know for sure my Facebook login is 100% right. I tried it with and without the facebook login button. When i just type it in, it says that it is the wrong password email combination WHICH it is NOT. When I try to log in on the spotify website I just get a blank page. 


I tried deleting the application (desktop and iPhone). I tried it all but nothing works. 

I just payed my monthly subscription fee, (november 24th), so its crazy if its not working. And even if it was a problem with my subscription money, i would have been able to log in to my spotify but the premium version would be the free version. So that's not the case either. 


I just can't log in and it drives me crazy. I have many playlists, plus im paying for this account, I don't want a new account. 

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I had an error similar to this but it had to do with an error in logging into the facebook app, I since fixed this issue.  All I did was go to my "settings" in facebook, then go to the "apps" then removed the spotify app from the apps connected to facebook. Then i tried logging into spotify again using the facebook login and it worked perfectly.

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