Facebook login / regular login, issue. Playlists gone.

Facebook login / regular login, issue. Playlists gone.

Hello, today my account suddenly wanted to start logging in with my facebook credentials. After doing so, my first login a request appeared...

Are you '' old user name '' and I didnt  finish the setup, and pressed continue to spotify, now I cant seem to link them together or find an option for this.

I appriciate your help, thanks

Best regards.

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Spotify probably made a duplicate account on accident. Log out, and log in with your original credentals instead of your facebook one. You should see everything re-appear

It does not work, when I login with my original credentials It wont share or open tracks/playlists from my facebook profile -.-

Me too, i have a 30 days premium account but today it just wont login neither with my facebook account nor my original account.

What should i do?

Do you see any error messages?

No error messages.


After logging in with my facebook credential the first time I had the request, are you '' old username'', I did not complete the setup I pressed continue to spotify without taking much notice to the request.

I see now that It was some kind of way to link the two accounts together.

If I log out and in, I guessed I would get the request again and I did not.


I just tried to log in to my original spotify details, and it was no longer merged with facebook, I did a new facebook merge, and logged back in with the facebook credentials, the request was once again enabled. I finished the setup by confirming with my old credentials. It seems to be working now.

Maybe I had a bug and if not I think the request should be prompted more than once, because this was a little bit back and forth.

Anyawy, thank you everyone for  the quick and positive replies to help me.

Best regards.

Same problem except I never made a Spotify account. I just log in with facebook and now it won't accept my fb password making it impossible to upgrade to premium.

This is driving me crazy! Spotify will not let me log in using my Facebook password or my Spotify password. I reset my Spotify  password more than once trying to get into the system.

I'm having the sma eproblem. It keeps telling me I have another Spotify account so won't let me connect to Facebook. This has happened since I synced my iPhone. It's driving me berserk! I don't have another account!

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