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Facebook login


I want to delete my Facebook page, but my Facebook login is also my Spotify login. How can I switch to an email login? I do not want to mess up my account, because I'm a premium user.



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I found this to work:

https://community.spotify.com/t5/Accounts/How-can-I-keep-Facebook-deactivated/m-p/771687/highlight/t... (3rd page, below, from cohenfs Roadie ‎2014-04-28 12:52 PM)


"Deactivating facebook and keeping spotify without having to get a new account can be done if you have a premium account.  you need to log back into facebook so you will have access to your spotify accountt.  

You then need to create a device password. 

Click this link to create a device password  http://www.spotify.com/account/set-device-password  

Once you receive an email and create your device password, log out/deactivate Facebook, then log into spotify on your device using your new numerical username and password provided.


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