Facebook restricted at work

I'm a premium subscriber and want to be able to listen while at work. My company restricts Facebook access on work devices so I'm not able to log in. Any known workarounds for this? I don't want to make a new account because I have tons of playlists and saved music and podcasts.

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Hey @Christine102, help's here!


Have you tried logging into your account at work using the username login field? Try entering the email address linked to your Facebook, and typing your Facebook password under that. I could log you in without using the 'Log In With Facebook' button.


Depending on how your work device is set up, we'd try these steps on both the app and the web player. Perhaps try the web player in an incognito window or on a different browser.


It might also be worth talking to your employer's IT team about this, as they might be able to lift some restrictions that would allow you to log in to Spotify.


If none of the above suggestions help you out, we'd suggest reading this support article in full for what to do next.



I tried using my Facebook information to login but it kept telling me it was incorrect. I reset my password for Facebook and tried again, same thing. And unfortunately I set up my account using Facebook so I can’t unlink it unless I create a new account. Thanks for the help though!

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