Facebook username & password wont log in

Facebook username & password wont log in


I've check another thread about this issue & failed.

My account has been down for several weeks. It 1st started when I installed the app on my cell. I ran into an error when I tried to log back in. Then my PC Spotify began to show an error with my connection. So I tried to get it to back online with no luck. I waited a couple of days then changed my Facebook password & back.


Still, I cant log in with my FB account. I've even tried putting my email in to create an account & it said that I'm already a member.

In order to log into this site, I had to use another account.

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Hey! Welcome to the community 🙂 


What error message are you getting when you try and log in using your Facebook details? 



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Whenever I try to log in, I get this along with a sound confirming that my account doesn't work.






Even when logging on to this site.






It's been almost a month & I haven't been able to log in.

Thx for the help in advance!


Hi there,


If you could contact our support team, they'll be able to get it sorted for you. Just email in here.


Once you have done, please let us know the case number. We'll then chase it up.


Check out how we're doing over @SpotifyStatus

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