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Family Members can't download music

Family Members can't download music

I recently upgraded my Premium plan to Family Premium.


However all Family Members, except for me (I'm the account administrator), are unable to download music. It's not that the download doesn't work, the Download toggle/button just don't appear.


The Account Overview for all of them shows that they're Premium Users and this issue just happens on PC or Mac, not on mobile. We've logged in and logged out, reinstalled the app but the problem doesn't get fixed.


Here some screenshot for you to see...



This is really upsetting because it worked fine with separate Premium accounts but now it's a mess!

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Mine is the same, very frustrating !


I'm having the same problem. Has anyone from SPOTIFY responded? Also, hubby says there are ads!

I've got the same problem. Spotify is about to lose a customer!

Was this problem solved, or it's not a problem, but it works like this?

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