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Family Plan - Member access

Family Plan - Member access

I have 4 family members on my Spotify Premium.  My daughter just got a new phone and can't log in to her Spotify account.  She doesn't remember if she was required to set up an email/username/password.  Is there a way to check for any of this info?  Or do I delete her and invite her again?  Thank you!

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Hey @Sknapp!

Here's some steps you can try to see if we can get you all back on track! 


  • Could you try heading to the Spotify Password Reset form which you can find here and type in any email addresses that could be associated with the account, if there's a match then follow the process to reset the password and login with that email address and you should be on your way.
  • If your daughter has logged in to a Mac/PC or Android device which you have to hand you can try attempting to find the username for her account in the cache, the steps are here on how to do this and you can then reset the password to the account using the username. 
  • If your daughter uses Facebook, she may have signed in using Facebook to check this: Log into her Facebook and select Settings on the dropdown in the top-right > Choose Apps and Websites > If you see the Spotify icon, you have a Spotify account connected to Facebook.


If that doesn't work let me know and I'll take a look at what other options you have open to you!

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