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Family Plan but still being charge for individual plan

Family Plan but still being charge for individual plan




Username: ericgood


We signed up for the family plan on 9/28/2016 and CC charged 16.23.  We are now realizing that my son who previously had an individual acct but whom we moved over as part of our new fam account is still being charged every month $10.81.  Was charged for Sep Oct and Nov.  It was my understanding that when he moved over to the Fam plan, that he would keep all of his playlists and settings, but be integrated into the Fam plan.  Clearly this is not happening. 


How can this be taken care of?  I would also ask that the three months he was charged for his individual plan ($10.81 - eventhough he is now on the family plan) be credited to the same credit card charged. 


His name is Ethan Good. And he had been logging in to spotify with his Facebook.


Please let me know how this can be resolved.


Thanks you.


Eric Good

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I think, he should close his first premium account before move to fam plan. Now, check on his account the plan joined and cancel any unusual plan.

If you need a refund mi advice is, contact spotify support

Spotify is charging me for the premium plan and the family plan aswell and this has been going on for a while and its draining my account and I have no to fix it. It says on my receipts its charging me 10.79 which is the regular plan but it charges me both 10.79 and 15.99 and I have no other accounts and Im not sure if someone has my card info which is buying the family plan but I literally have 0 clue at all on why this is happening.

Hey there!


Sorry to see this has happened to you.
Do the payments for the Family plan go through your Family plan account? If yes, you most likely do have a second account for that subscription and it's worth checking the login credentials used in the app and on the website.
This article could be helpful to you and you may want to take a look at this one as well.

We're here for you if any questions arise 🙂

P.S. As stated in the previous reply, if nothing else helps, reaching out to support may also be a good idea, as they can identify which accounts are connected to your payment details and assist further.
Keep us posted!

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The thing is I never had a family account in the first place, it just started charging me for one, I'll reach out for support, thanks for trying to help though!

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