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Family Premium Subscription

Family Premium Subscription

I have a premium subscription and I live in France (profile country = France)

I want to add 2 members of my family in my subscription and go for a Family Premium subscripton.

I then updated my subscriptoon to add 2 family members and I got the code for them to redeem.

These 2 members have already their free account register in USA and they cannot redeem the codes I gave them.

Waht should they do? They cannot change their country in their profile.

I am ready to cancel ALL subscrptions.

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Hey there!


Sorry to hear you're having trouble. According to the terms, Spotify Family can only be used by people residing at the same address. See link for more info - Spotify Family FAQ


What are the restrictions on the members I can add to my plan?

To be added to your plan, a person must:

  • Reside at the same physical address as the administrator.
  • Be a Free user, or a Premium user who purchased their Premium directly from Spotify (and not, for example, via iTunes or a mobile operator).

Can I add a member from another country to my Spotify Family plan?

People in different countries cannot be on the same Spotify Family plan.

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