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Family Premium owner profile

Family Premium owner profile

I've upgraded to Family Premium and my boyfriend's info is showing as the owner of the account when he got the invite, but under Profile it's all my details. Where can I edit this?

2 Replies

Hey @JannelKosior, welcome to the Community!


It sounds like you both signed up to be admins of a Premium for Family. Ask your boyfriend to check his Subscription Overview to see if he's the owner of a plan.


If so, he'll need to cancel and revert to Free before he's able to accept your invite. 


If that's not the case, let me know 🙂

Hi there, no we didn't both sign up, I entered his info in a form I thought was an invite but was meant for the Plan Owner's info. I've spoken with someone and they've explained that this form is not currently editable. So my only option to correct would be to create a new account. I'll likely leave it for now. Thanks.

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