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 Hey! So this may sound silly, but the main reason I purchased family premium today is because my dad and I share an account currently, and that really messed up my annual report of my favorite artists and top 100 songs. This is always something I look forward to, so I was bummed to see a bunch of his music in the results. With the new family premium plan, will we have seperate profiles to avoid this next year?

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I was on a family plan last year and the 2017 wrapped worked fine for me. Perhaps this is a unique bug in your case, but I'm not sure if Spotify has changed the way the family premium plan works as I'm currently on a student plan. Might want to submit a unique service request if this wrapped feature is really important to you (I agree, it's really interesting to see). Best of luck!



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Hey @emmadewhuest, help's here. 


Sharing the same account with others will directly affect your listening experience, recommendations, Discover Weekly/Daily Mixes, and stats. Because of the algorithms we use for enhancing your listening experience, each person should have their own Spotify account. 


We do understand that you want to have Premium for both you and your dad. This is why Premium for Family is a great option, where you can have up to 6 individual Premium accounts for the price of less than 2. Your father first needs to create his own account here:


When you upgrade your account to Premium for Family, your account will keep the Premium status and you can invite him so that he can join the plan with his own account, thus getting Premium. 


If your father has playlists saved on your account, you might be able to transfer them to his account with the steps provided here.


We suggest that you read more about Premium for Family here


Hope that helps :)


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