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Family account hacked - 4 random users!!! - CHECK YOUR FAMILY ACCOUNTS NOW!!!

Family account hacked - 4 random users!!! - CHECK YOUR FAMILY ACCOUNTS NOW!!!


I have just check my account and 4 random accounts have been added to my "Family" account.

I noticed this becuase my sons account (who was the ONLY legitimate "Familty" member was changed to free yesterday... and I also noticed that these 4 users have resultsed in a 2 months of extra charges!!!!

How can this happen!!!! This needs to be fixed ASAP.

*** Everyone, check your Family accounts NOW!!! ***

11 Replies

This happened to me as well! I tried contacting spotify to fix this but they have not replied back, I removed the people and they seemed to have returned.. I'm not changing my login details so hopefully that will fix the issue but I am really not happy about having to pay an extra for these two people who decided to hijack my spotify family account!

I hope someone from Spotify can get back to us and give us a refund ASAP!


This happend to me twice now. Even after chenging my password after the first time.


Hey, i has the same Problem. I use my Facebook Account for Spotify, but my Facebook Account works with the 2 Factor Authentication. So that my Facebook Password is safe.

Any Solutions????






Glad to see I'm not alone! Anyone figure out how to fix this problem yet? 😕 I am sick of someone hacking my personal account too and adding **bleep**.

I had the exact same problem. But also they seem to use my account, as suddenly weird playlists appeared and my playback stopped. 


Something is really wrong.

I ended up just getting rid of Family this I didn't have this problem beforehand. I think people found out how to randomly generate links to people's Family accounts and I'd had enough of "changing my email and password" like Spotify kept suggesting. After the last time before I quit, it seemed to have worked to change the email and password on my Facebook which my Spotify was linked too, but didn't keep the Family plan long enough to know if it permanently fixed it.


+1. same here. I think that Spotify guys have to fix it soon.


This happened to me as well. A certain Rachael Cabral with username kristinecbrl

Oof, yep, just noticed a random freeloader on my account today.

Going to fill up the empty spot with another email address of mine; that should prevent this from happening again.


Also noticed that somebody got in there and changed my family name. Spotify won't tell me how it happened; little concerned about their security.


I have had the same exact problem.  Just checked because my little brother was not able to sign on.


reset your device password ( in the spotify settings on the homepage and your password.

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