Family can't add member

Family can't add member



I had a Premium Account

Went back to Free

Purchased Family Me+1

Was sent a code which I forwarded to my son, he used that code and can now login as a Premium user.

My account is still at Free and I don't seem to be able to become part of Family Me+1

Only option seems to be to upgrade my account to Premium, but surely I've already done that by creating a Family Me+1 account.


Sent numerous messages to support but yet to receive an answer.


Any help will be much appreciated, lost without my playlists.

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Hello @gavinleonmb , welcome to the Spotify Community!


1. When you log into your account did you use an email address or your Spotify username? 

2. Do you see all your playlists in the account? 

3. Could you please attach a screenshot of what you currently see when you sign in?

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