Family - can't choose plan type?

Family - can't choose plan type?


Hi - am trying to upgrade to a family plan but when I click on the "upgrade" link it takes me to a payment page to sign up for premium with no plan options.


I already have premium and am logged in. Does family plan not exist in Canada yet?

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Hey Yoavie, thanks for reaching out to the Spotify Community!


Right now, it's only possible to get Spotify Family in Canada via Rogers. There's more info about this here


Don't hesitate to drop us a message if you ever need us again 🙂

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oooookkkkkk .... but what if Rogers is not my provider? is there a general availabitlity date for the family plan?



We don't have any new info about this, but we'll remind the team it's a popular request. Don't hesitate to drop us a message if you ever need us again.


Yes we really want Spotify Family, i pay for a premium but i can not listen to my music when my kid or girl friend decide play their music.


it's really enoying when i'm at work and my kid stop my music or i cut their music at home.

PLEASE make family plan possible in Canada..

i do not understand why it take so long to have this option.





Since family plans are obviously not a priority for Spotify in Canada I had to cancel my sub in favor for the family plan offerred by Apple Music. Is AM better? No, not really.. but at least they have a family plan available to Canadians. None of this "soon" crap.

I had Itunes on Top of Spotify to be about to listen to music at work at the same time then my family are listening to justin Bieber!!
But the sound quality of itune is so terrible compare to spotify, that i’ve cancel my subscription.

I use spotify at home only because of that family restriction and bring some music on a ipod like the old days until Spotify decide to make family option available.


oh and another HUGE reason I use the Family Plan from AppleMusic is I can set age restrictions for my kids! I don't have to worry about them listening to explicit content. (my kids are 6, 9, 12)

Also, you can have way more family members on your plan. (we're a family of 7.. so yeah.. its a big deal lol)


Don't get me wrong.. I still LOVE Spotify.. I just wished they cared more about Family Plans with content restrictions in Canada.

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