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Family members cannot join to Family Plan

Family members cannot join to Family Plan


Plan : Family



Device : All


I've moved recently to Netherland but initially, I signed in Belgium. Recently I upgraded to a Family Plan and I set my current address. Then when my family tries to accept the invitation, they receive an error saying that the they are trying to join from a different country. I have tried to change the country by updating my payment method but it doesn't work. Now I'm paying from Netherland and still, my account appears in Belgium. This is extremely annoying.  

By the way, I have observed that before was possible to get support by email. Now it's not possible or at least I couldn't find it. 


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You have to change the country to the Netherlands for all the accounts that are going to be on the family plan: Your account and each family member. Then they should be able to accept the invitation.

You don't change the country by changing your payment method. You change it in your Account Overview. You should be able to click "edit profile," and change the country.

Hi there,


you may want to take a look in this link for the steps.


Also, support can be found in the About Us link.

Hi. Thanks for your answer. But I cannot do that. In my profile the country field is disabled, so I cannot change the value. There is a note saying that I want to change country I have to change the payment method. That makes sense because it has to do with copyright and taxes. I changed the country and I had to change the payment method since my Belgium credit card was not accepted anymore. But if I go to my profile or the payment page, the country it’s still Belgium. So, I using a Dutch credit card but with residence in Belgium.

Hi. Thanks for your support but I’ve go through the help but they don’t talk about this problem at all.

I believe that Spotify staff didn’t design this part of the application taken in account the particularities of Europe where people move across countries quite often

Okay, so just be clear:

You are living in the Netherlands.

And you are using a credit card issued in the Netherlands.

But your account has your country as Belgium.

Is this correct?

If so, you should definitely contact Spotify customer service, and they can probably resolve this.

If you go to the contact form, and follow the steps, it will take you to a screen where you can start a live chat.



jmorcate wrote:


Spotify staff didn’t design this part of the application taken in account the particularities of Europe where people move across countries quite often


The easiest way to fix this problem would be for you to simply move back to Belgium



You're right! I should accept your solution.

Thanks for your answer. I could not change the country in my profile. The country and the payment method are bound together. I guess that it's linked to taxes and DRM. So, you cannot use a credit card issued in Germany and set in your profile Italy as a residence country. Even if you pay through PayPal. And this is clearly stated in the following page:
In the end, the problem solved itself. I guess that when I paid for the first time using the new payment method, the country in my profile update itself.


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